Sound vs Noise

Last week here at Cupaz we had a presentation by Creatif to discuss their panelling and give us the low down on how it all works.

Optimal workplace acoustics! So basically in layman’s terms you don’t want your office to be too loud, you may have a sales team who work on the phones all day creating noise and you may also have a HR team or legal team who do more paperwork and need a more subdued environment in order to thrive. In the current world of design, unlike ten or so years ago, these people might all be in the same space, as open plan offices are on the rise, so I can assume are some distracted team members.

In the world of open plan you may say to yourself - short of putting acoustic barriers around my top sales person or giving out complimentary headphones to new staff members, there isn’t a whole lot I can do about this. That, my dear reader, is where you would be sorely wrong.

Creatif have a variety of fun and amazing ways to create subtle or more striking acoustic solutions. They can make flexible partitions to pop on top of desks or underneath to gently drown out the sound of the louder team members. Here at Cupaz we have panels in our logo blue attached to the electric desks of our sales team, they fit beautifully with our office and are practical and simple too. Another solution Creatif have are panels, these can be on meeting room walls or as part of your industrial ceiling. They can be block colours, simple design or something more custom. They also created a beautiful range of shelving which have absorbent bottoms.

One of my personal favourite things that Creatif do is their work with moss! Natures biggest and best sound absorber is moss, with little upkeep necessary and the added fun of feeling and looking cool, moss can sneak its way into your office.

If you feel like a coloured panel or two, or a sneaky shelf of moss is too much for your office you may want to venture into the futurist world of sound masks. The humm is a revolutionary tool which every office in the world is going to want their hands on, once they get their head around it. Think of a gentle noise of a hoover to help settle a baby to sleep, the humm emits a low level noise which some how keeps all the other noise - down. It is implanted in the ceiling, is both subtle and affordable.

Creatif have been up and running for a number of years and have hundreds of positive testimonials to attest to their amazing work. But don’t take my word for it, hop over to their website at and if you have time pop down to their showroom to see their new and stunning products.

Did you guess the difference between noise and sound?

Sound is wanted, and noise is not.

By Lucy Cooper

Mark EdwardsComment