Sustainablity, what does it all mean?


Here at Cupaz we are passionate about sustainability, and the environment. We work with a variety of suppliers who are dedicated to their environmental promises, we are suppliers of Humanscale who have recently bought out their new chair which is made of recycled fishing nets. Cupaz make a promise to remove all waste as ethically as possible and even in our offices recycling is a priority.   

Following the BBC's Planet Earth 2 - hundreds of people across the nation were left shocked and upset at the state of our oceans, spurting a world wide campaign of 'pulling our damn socks up', the rise in the popularity of 'plastic free' products have swept the country. It has even spanned across to parliament where Thersea May has promised a ban on all single-use plastic items by 2020. In the last few months Wetherspoons and other bars and pubs have stopped having straws on their counters - or some places, even selling them to encourage people to consider where these products end up. 

Insentives have also been put in places at various retailers to encourage people to rid themselves of wasteful plastic. In Pret you can get 50p off of a coffee in their shops if you bring your own takeaway cup. The sales of reusable plastic cups, cultery and bottles have sky rocketed in the past few months. 

Both the BBC and Sky have launched their own campaigns again plastic waste, with Sky's Ocean Rescue, and BBC's three step program to erradicate all unnecessary plastic waste by 2020. They have cut out their sale of takeaway coffee cups across their locations, and Sky are working on only teaming up with partners who also have similar values regarding their waste policies.

Plastic takes hundreds of years to break down in the environment, and it poses a threat to animals that may mistake it for food or become entangled in it.

Here at Cupaz we have a stringent environmental policy, which you can view on our site. We recycle at all our offices and we are transitioning all our staff over to reusable bottles, we encourage the use of bamboo coffee cups. 

What is your company doing to change?

Lucy Cooper - Marketing Manager

Mark Edwards