Client Name: QRS Market Research
Project Type: Head Office / Call Centre
Project Size: 600m2

QRS used Cupaz to refurbish their main offices in Hertfordshire, their offices are split in half between permanent and interim staff members. The offices were a very large open space. Cupaz spent the time with them cultivating a plan in order to split up the space to make it an easier working environment. Over a period of months the office open plan was given walls and glass partitions in order to create smaller working spaces. 

Alongside spliting the office up - smaller spaces were added either side of the larger area, Cupaz created break rooms and a few board rooms with a few private call centre rooms. The space needed to be versitle and spacious, able to be comfortable for both the day and the night staff, with comfortable small booths to create the allusion of privacy for the interim staff to work throughout the day and night.