Your space is our business



Since 1992 we’ve worked on hundreds of projects of every shape and size, from an estate agency in Scotland, to a factory on the South Coast, from projects for a large Government body, to an office move across the city centre. We primarily work in London and the surrounding areas, but we’re always happy to work with clients throughout the UK.

Established 1992


" I cannot recommend Cupaz highly enough."



At Cupaz we believe in the future of the environment, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to sustainability. We have a few major steps we take in order to have as little environmental impact as possible, we work with as many sustainable companies as we can and push our furniture suppliers with Eco promises to enable sustainability is at the forefront of our mind. 



Upgrade your workplace

For years it has been well known that how your office looks, will have a direct implication on how well you and your staff will work, the environment you work in shapes your office culture, which is something which can be very hard to define. What is your office saying about your company? Is it time for you to have a think about your office culture?


Cupaz have been creating award winning and comfortable spaces across the UK for over twenty years. Over 50% of our staff have been here for ten years or more so you know we have the skills to help you achieve every project seamlessly.

We have three simple steps we apply to all our projects:

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We know in 2019 you want your office space to be as comfortable and stylish as possible. With so many embracing flexible workspaces as well as understanding we spend more time at our desks than at home then why not invest in something which is built to last?

Here at Cupaz we have been working in both the commercial and residential sectors for a number of years and we know how to deliver the best prices as well the the most trusted staff to create an office space you can love for years to come.

We believe that your office should reflect your company in the best possible way, creating a board room to wow your clients and a break room which is the perfect place for your hard working staff to unwind.

We consider your space and come up with ideas that fit your brief as well as your office, because we know you want something that is liveable as well as comfortable.

We create designs that are comfortable, sleek and fill your needs. We have expert in-house designers to help you every step of the way.

We construct the perfect space, whether it is as simple as a new desk, or a full fit-out you will have your own dedicated project manager to help you throughout.